Investment Management

As an independent wealth management firm partnering with Commonwealth Financial Network®, we have access to a diverse selection of investment vehicles designed to meet varying client needs, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, individual stocks and bonds, annuities, and alternative investments.

Given the complexity of today's investment landscape, we spend significant time completing in-depth investment analysis, as well as monitoring the financial markets, the global economy, and changes in tax laws and legislation. This ongoing research allows us to effectively implement investment strategies designed to meet your specific needs, objectives, and risk tolerance.

As time passes, your risk tolerance and income needs are likely to change, and your portfolio needs to reflect those changes. As a result, we are just as careful about monitoring your portfolio as we are with the initial investment selection. We track the investments in your account on an ongoing basis, make adjustments as dictated by changes in the marketplace or the underlying investments, and meet with you periodically to address any changing life situations, financial goals, and needs.

In addition, unplanned financial transactions can result in recurring tax fees or large tax penalties. Therefore, we make sure that the financial decisions take into account any potential tax consequences. While financial choices are rarely made solely on their tax impact, we make a point to consider their tax implications in order to protect your assets against unnecessary depletion.